28 July 2006

Bangkok baby!

June found me (Lian) in Bangkok for about 9 days for a work conference...
Although my expectations of the city didn't go very far beyond 1. hot 2. crowded and 3. polluted - there was something about the place and the people that really appealed. It was much more than what I had imagined...

It was really too short a time to explore properly, but, like all good tourists, I did manage to visit the Grand Palace and the temple of the green buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) - which were an incredible sight....

A friend of mine took me to the markets where I goggled at the fried insects for sale (although I couldn't bring m
yself to try any... maybe next time!?) And we indulged in a cocktail or two at what is apparently the world's "highest open-air bar" (thanks Per).

I already want to go back... but this time to travel and discover the rest of the country. No definite plans yet but you never know....
Sawadee kha!!

26 July 2006

Exeter and Exmouth

FINALLY, in June (just before going to Bangkok) I managed to get myself over to Exeter to visit Chris and Elke – fellow Aussies and good friends from way back (along with TsuShan and Fio, Elke and I were running around Parap Primary School together!!!)

The weekend was wonderful and I was spoiled rotten… They organised a backyard BBQ (probably to stop me whingeing about how much I miss having them!), took me for beers by the river and devonshire tea (of course!) in a Dartmoor café.

I also spent the weekend catching up with Kristy Harris (an old friend and ex-housemate from Sydney) who happened to be visiting her family in Exmouth…. It was short but sweet!!!