02 August 2006

KRILL live in Germany !!

rld Cup “Fever” in Europe was put to shame by the frenzy that occurred over music
sensation, KRILL, an
up-and-coming Aussie band that hit German soil in June on an exclusive sell-out tour of dozens of hot venues throughout the country…

If you missed out on the KRILL experience, don’t fret; check out www.krill.com.au for all the updates, shows and snaps of the sexy band members as they continue to rock Australia, Germany and the World!

Introducing Timéo!!!!!

The BIGGEST NEWS from Belgium is that on the 17th of June 2006, Laetitia (Laurent’s eldest sister) gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy bub – the first in the NEXT generation for Laurent’s immediate family!!! Welcome Timéo and congratulations Laeti and Ced!!

Beaucoup des émotions et un coup de coeur inimaginable !!