04 December 2006


The fantastic thing about being in Europe is that the place is so small you can get on a plane and fly oh, 1 or 2 hours, and find yourself in a completely new reality… So when it’s cold and grey in Brussels, you get on a plane and fly to…. BARCELONA! That’s what we did one Friday in November – it was so damn good to be in the sunshine and 20 degree heat (which in the middle of a Belgian winter is a paradise on earth!)… We stayed with David and Cami – two luvly friends who have set themselves up there and caught up with Dimi (Laurent’s big brother).

Saturday night was spent touring the pubs, sampling the sangria and tapas…. I was in a very good mood until the last pub where I made the mistake of ordering the absinthe (nothing dramatic, but I paid with a seedy headache the next day).

If you ever end up in Barcelona, you should try and find the Champagneria (not sure how it is spelt)… a crazy little bar that sells great champagne and wine for 2.50-3.00 euros…. You’d think it would be packed with smelly tourists like us or students – it was. But there were also people of all ages - feisty little Spanish grandmas and grandpas who continued to brave the jostling crowds to drink their vino and savour their chorizos. Although you might have to fight for a little standing room, eat greasy food from paper napkins and risk wearing a portion of what you’re meant to be drinking, it is a lot of fun!

The only down side to a holiday weekend in Barcelona is that you have to leave again... :(