19 August 2007

The last 12 months...

Since I've been slack and haven't posted anything on this blog for a while, I will first sum up some of the highlights of last year. Regular or newcomer, fasten your seat belts: here is a snapshot of the last 12 months...

June 2006

The Beginning... of a new Life.
I'm pleased to introduce you to Timeo, our nephew and my Godson, son of Cedric Roussel et Laetitia de Schoutheete.

Tim was born on June 16th.

Bien entendu Tim est aussi barge que ses parents. We Love him. A real manneke.

Inutile de préciser que dès à présent ce blog sera inondé d'une multitude de ses photos. Ces petits bouts là, c'est magique.

July 2006

Green, lush, tropical, African.
Une mission passionante avec mon collègue Patrick.

August 2006

Fasinating, sad, impressive, effervescing.

La magie des temples d'Angkor Vat, l'effeversence et les délices de Phnom Penh, la spontanéité et la douleur des visages marqués par une histoire collective pesante.

September 2006

Rough history, relax people, pristine coastline.
Vida Boa. Beleza.

14 August 2007

The drought has broken!

Wow.... that was a looong blogger drought... we have plenty of excuses though! We've been busy packing up our apartment in Brussels, quitting our jobs, getting engaged, buying one-way tickets to another continent, holidaying in Vietnam, celebrating in Singapore, hanging out in Darwin, applying for jobs, moving to Canberra, buying an apartment, moving in, catching up with old friends, starting work, and planning a wedding. It's been a lot of crazy fun! Now that we are a little more settled we're hoping to get back on the Blog.... and Laurent promises to write one day... stay tuned (but don't hold your breath!)